Friday, March 9, 2012

The Daily Grind

Today I started my new temp job! I'm working for a company called Pacific Pulmonary Services out in Wexford, PA. It's about a half-hour drive from my apartment, and it's relatively easy receptionist-type work. Being that my job consists of answering the telephone and emails, I anticipate a lot of free time... So since I can't work on my art, I'm going to write!

This blog will consist of a few different types of entries. Most prominent will be reviews of the various media I encounter. Books, comics, movies, games, music... Whatever I come across. It doesn't all have to be new either. I might do this week's new release one time, and something from the 80s or 90s the next. I'm going to try to focus on more obscure media, but I'm sure I'll touch on mainstream things as well. Mass Effect 3, for instance, has my thumbs itching!

The other type of entry that I'd like to focus on is more informational in nature. Information particularly on being a broke transsexual in Pittsburgh (or wherever I happen to live at the time). If that's not your thing... well, skip those posts. But I think it's something that needs to be out there. And I hope I can do my trans* brothers and sisters some good.

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